Halloween 2022

After a couple of years of subdued celebration, people are getting out and hanging out with friends. The streets are showing signs of life and people were congregating, struggling to get into their club, struggling to just get along. Jason Wilder and I spotted a few fights throughout the night, but we just kept moving, […]


A quick trip to NYC

For my birthday, my family got me an Amtrak gift certificate so that I could have a getaway. At the end of September, Jason Wilder and I took a train trip down to New York for a 48-hour weekend photo excursion. After spending 7 hours on the train Friday, we hit the ground running. It […]


Yet Another Trip Down Into The Subway

I mean, I don’t want it to sound like a bad thing, but I guess there are some limitations to interesting things above ground especially when all your friends are busy or suffering from a bit of anxiety about going outside, much less into the dark underbelly of Rochester. I remember a friend of mine […]


Cold Day in the Subway

I had gone down into the subway back in August, just to see how things had changed. Back then, construction was still underway, reinforcing the area under the Main Library for the promenade along the river’s edge. There was a great big hole, allowing sunlight to stream in and revealing the new pillars and substructure. […]


Beth at High Falls

As the days get shorter and colder, getting out and making pictures with friends gets tough. Not too long ago, my friend Beth reached out and wanted to shoot on what has become the last nice night of the season. And by nice, I mean it was in the 40’s and breezy so it felt […]


Halloween 2020

So… 2020. Halloween has usually been a flurry of activity around East and Alexander, downtown Rochester. Given the current health situation around the globe, it was hard to gauge what kind of turnout there was going to be at the crossroads of festivities here in town, but I wanted to get out and see. Besides, […]


2020 has been a bit taxing, but I did manage to get out and wander around last weekend

I mean, I’ve been wandering around town for the past 5 months, taking walks as often as I can. and I really should get around to showing you those images.  I’ve really just been lazy about it. This past weekend, I did manage to do something that I had not in a while. I took […]


Winter night wandering – January

After a rainstorm and some warm weather, most of the snow on the ground has melted and that made it easier to wander around town. So I packed up my camera and wandered around downtown to help loosen up my joints and clear my head. I did go out at the end of December to […]


The first snowy days

It’s been pretty nice outside lately. Aside from the early Fall wind and rain storms, it’s been a mild Fall. Today, that’s changed. The weather dude says that this week is going to be a bitch. It started to snow this morning and will continue for a while. Which I’m okay with. Since having moved […]


Hallo-weeee! 2019

So on a dark and stormy night, I foolishly trudged out to where the alcohol flows like milk and took pictures of the nightlife. Over the years the crowds have gotten smaller, but the attitude is still the same. PARTY! The rain didn’t hinder the celebration, but it did give me a chance to sit […]