2020 has been a bit taxing, but I did manage to get out and wander around last weekend


I mean, I’ve been wandering around town for the past 5 months, taking walks as often as I can. and I really should get around to showing you those images.  I’ve really just been lazy about it.

This past weekend, I did manage to do something that I had not in a while. I took a trip down to the subway.

The city is working on shoring up part of the structure around the library to create a river-view promenade so there is an enormous hole letting the sunshine in. The construction is on-going and it’s just sad to know of the graffiti that was lost in those dark halls.

I spent a little time taking some pictures of the beautiful concrete walls down there. I love the curves and lines down there.

Hopefully, I’ll be back down there soon.

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