Venturing into Rochester’s underworld March Walkabout April Walkabout Rochester Beardsmen Society Model work
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Venturing into Rochester’s underworld

From 1927 to 1956 Rochester had a commuter subway system. You can still see remnants of rail or its elegance in the form of the Broad Street bridge, which was once the Erie Canal path over the Genesee river, later converted to suit the subway rail. If you want more information on the subway itself […]


March Walkabout

And because I’m behind on posting, here are some shots from March that I had forgotten about. The wind coming off the river was a little bitter, but I managed to get out and wander around the High Falls area.

It ain't easy being green.

April Walkabout

The weather is starting to warm up and so getting out on the street to shoot is important to keeping my sanity. I had a cancellation in the studio and I really needed to get some fresh air, so I loaded up the camera and hit the street. Not a long walk, but at least […]

RBS May 2013-1415

Rochester Beardsmen Society

In addition to other work, I also have great fun working with the Rochester Beardsmen Society. This group of men and women are dedicated to raising awareness and funds for local charities. That’s right, men and women. You don’t need facial hair to join the group, you simply need an appreciation for it and the […]

Darla 20121119-093-2

Model work

Darla came into the studio a while back looking for some portfolio work.



Trying to get images back on the website after the revamp.


January walkabout

Back in January my friend and I took a walk around Rochester. Despite the cold and wind, we managed to get out and grab a few shots of downtown Rochester. One of the nice things about doing this is there is no agenda: we park, we grab our gear and just walk. If there is […]

Downtown Rochester

Downtown Rochester

A view from across the Genesee river.

Welcome to Center City

Rebuilding the website.

After a catastrophic website failure I’ve had to start from scratch. I decided to put up a different theme, having opted for WordPress again. I’m not quite sure what went wrong, one day I went to check out the site and everything was gone, database connection error. I did manage to get it back online, […]