Halloween 2020


So… 2020.

Halloween has usually been a flurry of activity around East and Alexander, downtown Rochester. Given the current health situation around the globe, it was hard to gauge what kind of turnout there was going to be at the crossroads of festivities here in town, but I wanted to get out and see. Besides, I have some new equipment that I need to test and there is nothing like depending on the gear in your hand to get the work done.

We started late, figuring that it’s easier to get more “personality” from someone if they’ve been partying for a while. The activity on the street was pretty sparse. Where, in the past, we were met with crowds, this year everyone had already staked out their spot. Having to queue up, mask on, there was not a lot of traffic on the street.

I did manage to find some interesting folks out. I’ve always impressed by some people and their creativity. This is really the subject of this photo project, year over year.

I hope you enjoy what you see:

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