The first snowy days


It’s been pretty nice outside lately. Aside from the early Fall wind and rain storms, it’s been a mild Fall.

Today, that’s changed.

The weather dude says that this week is going to be a bitch. It started to snow this morning and will continue for a while. Which I’m okay with.

Since having moved here from Southern California, winter weather has fascinated me.

Spring is great, watching the world come to life after its Winter nap. It’s always so brief, but it’s so dynamic.

Summer sucks for me. Being a desert boy makes the humidity tough to handle. Anything over 30% humidity and I’m miserable. Rochester Summers range in the 50-90% range.

Fall is beautiful. The colors are spectacular. Over the past few years, heavy wind storms and rain have made quick work of the leaves, giving the trees a skeletal look by early October.

But Winter… Walking in the snow, listening to the snowfall, playing in the snow. It’s magical. To me, anyway.

Anyone who was raised here just complains about the snow and Winter. “It’s too cold, I hate shoveling snow, OMG it’s cold, salt on the road is killing my car, it’s so cold. Winter lasts too long and it’s COLD!”

Some of their arguments are valid:

  • Winter lasts a long time. I’ve seen it snow on Mother’s day.

  • Shoveling snow is a chore, but I don’t mind it because I don’t have to do it much or that often.

  • Salt on the roads does ruin cars, but it usually does the job of clearing the road

  • And sometimes it is brutally cold. It’s not unusual for the temperature to hover in the teens for a week.

But still, to me there is nothing in the world as beautiful as freshly fallen snow or being outside when it’s snowing. I’m not sure I want to give that up.  Take a look at what I see when the snow falls.

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