Winter night wandering – January


After a rainstorm and some warm weather, most of the snow on the ground has melted and that made it easier to wander around town. So I packed up my camera and wandered around downtown to help loosen up my joints and clear my head.

I did go out at the end of December to shoot downtown and chances are you will never see those pictures. Mainly because they were crap. They were common, even derivative of other people’s work. I’m not knocking other people’s work. They took good pictures and deserve to be seen, but I don’t need to show you a picture that someone else has already taken. I try to put some of my heart into shots that I take, but this is a small town and eventually you tread in someone else’s footsteps so when I come upon a common site it’s tough to make it mine.

This is why I love shooting people. It’s about expressions and timing so a picture can change in an instant.

I started off the night dropping into a fund-raiser for Planned Parenthood. It was  a female arm-wrestling competition and I happened to be there for the final battle between Murderous Marilyn Monroe and Gnarley Quinn. No spoilers here, except to mention that the event raised $2500 for Planned Parenthood!

After dumping most of my gear (I took my 20-35mm zoom and a 100mm macro lens) and picked up my tripod (new ball head attached) I lit out onto icy sidewalks to look for anything of interest.  Here’s what I managed to find:

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