Killing some time in the morning


There are times when I just get up too early in the morning and have nothing to do. I have a tendency to get restless, I don’t want to sit in front of the television or at my computer and just kill time.

So this morning I decided to grab my  camera and a 35mm lens, nothing else, and decided to go for a walk. Normally, I will lug around too much gear because I think I’ll use it, but I never do.

So this day I decided to work with the gear that I had in my bag. There are times when we, photographers, depend on gear to make an image. We fail to rely on that tool that we always have with us, our mind. With this tool we can accomplish much with very little.

Keeping my gear to a minimum allows me to move. To get closer to a subject, to find a better angle, to get further away and a little lower. It also allows me to look at subjects and find ways to capture the image I see. And I love that challenge.

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